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Oasis Lip Balm began with the realization that I was lip balm-obsessed.


One day, I noticed that I had over twenty tubes of various lip balms scattered around my room. All of these balms, though, were the same old generic brands that everyone had! Now, when I see a problem, I immediately want to do what I can to fix it. So, I set out to make my own lip balm.

I wanted to make something with personality and character, but that could also give my lips the relief and hydration they need to get me through busy days. Some research taught me that the best lip balms don’t require concoctions of complex chemicals, but that they could be made with a simple blend of natural ingredients. I ordered Secret Ingredient #1, Super Secret Ingredient #2, and hard-to-work-with but important #3 along with an empty set of lip balm tubes.

When they arrived, I experimented with all sorts of ratios, scents, and flavors, testing every combination of essential oils and ingredients that I could find. Finally, I found my Goldilocks recipe. Although the product was perfect, I still lacked a little personality and style. Once again, I went online and got to work creating the perfect design. Fast forward many hours (and a few bowls of ice cream!) later, I had both a new appreciation for design and my Oasis Lip Balm Labels. I loved my lip balm, but I still felt like it was missing something. So, once again, I visited the great world of Pinterest in hopes of finding the last thing my lip balm needed. There, I found a template for a box that was the perfect size for my lip balms.

One thing I should clarify right now is that origami is not my strong suit, but with some time and determination, I figured out how to fold the template into a beautiful box for my lip balms. This homemade lip balm box led me to find a seller online with boxes of about the same size (thank goodness for me and my origami skills!) that were already pre-folded. The boxes were the cherry on top for Oasis Lip Balm, and the product was finally complete.